Steps to Take if Your Pipes Freeze

Frozen Pipes

Photo by Harry Grout on Unsplash

Winter is far from over. Are you surviving all the snow? Is it possible you have frozen pipes? While it’s cold, you may be tempted to stay inside and leave any restoration services until after the winter weather leaves. By the time warmer weather hits, though, the damage may be vast. If you have any reason to think you might have frozen pipes, follow these steps.

Locate The Frozen Pipes and Thaw Them

Most likely you’ll find the frozen section of your pipe in an exposed area, ones that lead outside or along a wall. Pipes will be blocked with ice and you’ll need to get the ice out to keep them running. Locate any faucets that are connected to the frozen pipe and open them up. Then use hot water or an electric heating device to thaw the frozen area and allow the ice to melt and run out of the faucets.

Check Your Faucets

Once you’ve found one frozen pipe, you’ll probably find more. Don’t stop your search because you think you’ve found the problem. You’ll know there are more frozen pipes if any of your faucets are no longer running. Once you’ve taken care of all of your frozen pipes, let all of your faucets drip slightly to keep them from re-freezing.

Check For Damage

Frozen pipes can often cause damage. The ice will expand and cause the pipes to expand and sometimes crack. While frozen, the pipes will keep the ice inside and prevent further damage. But once things start to heat up, you may have leaks inside your home. Always check for further damage beyond the ice to prevent water damage or broken pipes.

Call a Restoration Service

All of the above can be done on your own, but when in doubt call a restoration service. A professional can locate any frozen or leaking pipe quickly and can repair the damage. If left too long, you risk the possibility of more damage.

Frozen pipes may seem like a common occurrence during the winter, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be taken care of quickly and efficiently. If you encounter any frozen pipes or other water damage, call us at Kelley Klean. We are a full-service restoration company with a lot of experience in frozen pipe damage, as well as overall water damage. To learn more about us or to get an estimate, call today at 573-214-0990.

Six Mistakes Homeowners Make That Cost Them Big in Water Damage Repair

Photo by Blake Wheeler on Unsplash

Photo by Blake Wheeler on Unsplash

Homeowners have a lot on their plate. Managing and maintaining a house is a never-ending chore, and it’s common to want to bump less pressing matters to the backburner. Water damage, however, is less of a sliding scale and more of an on/off switch. If you don’t have water damage, great! If you do, it’s serious by default. You can minimize water damage repair costs by avoiding these common mistakes.

1. Skipping Maintenance

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” is great advice for relationships, but a terrible attitude to take into your home. Regular maintenance to your appliances, septic system, and pipes are what will keep your home dry. When you avoid maintenance, you’re setting something up to break. Whatever it costs to keep your home maintained is less than a water damage repair bill will be.

2. Letting the Small Things Slide

If you have a small water leak, don’t push it aside. It may only be costing you a few dollars a month in wasted water, but it could be causing a lot more than that in damage to your home. Even a mild, outdoor leak could turn into something that could affect your foundation down the line. Take care of things ASAP and your home will do better in the long run.

3. Not Doing a Summer Shut Down

A lot of water damage is caused by exposure. Aunt Jane visiting over the summer and leaving the attic window open when she leaves can let a lot of rain in if you don’t catch it. Take a day every year towards the end of summer to walk through your house. Check for open windows and cracks in your siding, leaks, and so on. Make sure you go into the winter with a house that’s ready to take on anything.

4. Calling Someone in the Morning

A pipe cracks at 2:oo am, and you think to yourself that you’ll have to call someone first thing in the morning. That’s already too late. As soon as you notice water leaking or water damage, call a professional. A great place will have someone available 24/7 to take your call and even send someone out there if needed.

5. Thinking Frozen Pipes Can’t Happen to Them

If you live in an area with typically mild winters, it’s easy to think that frozen pipes won’t happen to you. However, even a typically mild area can freeze hard, and all it takes is one unusually cold day. That one cold day this winter could sink you–are you ready for it?

6. Not Getting Flood Insurance

Many homeowners think that, since they have homeowners insurance, they’re set. That’s unfortunately not true. Most homeowners’ insurance plans don’t cover flooding from an outside source. If the water level rises enough to flood your basement, your homeowner’s insurance probably won’t be able to help you. Find out where your house is, risk-wise, on your city’s flood maps. Then get the insurance that makes sense for you. It can save you a lot in the long run!

These simple mistakes can usually be fixed in no more than an afternoon. Getting the right insurance and locking your house down for the winter will help you be prepared no matter what. Don’t assume that frozen pipes won’t affect you. Be ready, and know who to call when things go wrong.