How Property Managers Can Prevent Water Damage to Units

Photo by Vladimir Churchadeev via Unsplash

Photo by Vladimir Churchadeev via Unsplash

Property managers can prevent water damage to units in order to save time and money. Performing preventative maintenance reduces the chances of having to deal with water damage down the line.  And maintenance is often quick and easy. Here are five ways property managers can prevent water damage to rental units.

No Leaks

Making sure that your units are leak-free is a great first step in preventing water damage. Check pipes often, and mend any cracks that could develop into larger issues. Property managers can also invest in devices that help monitor water usage. You can also get regular meter readings from your utilities company. Tracking water usage and monitoring for leaks will help stop problems before they start.

Flush Policies

One common cause of water damage is drain backup. You can reduce the risk of this issue by including a clause in your rental agreement that dictates what can and can’t be flushed down the drains. Items like sanitary napkins can unnecessarily cause clogs, which can lead to flooding. Pouring grease down drains is another common culprit behind clogging.

Gutters and Roof Security

You can also prevent water damage by making sure your property’s gutters are regularly cleaned. Clogged gutters can cause water to pool on the roof and leak into the building. Likewise, a stable, secure roof will help prevent leaks. Property managers should inspect their roof and gutters on a quarterly or biannual basis to help prevent future water damage.

Keep an Eye on Moisture

Water damage isn’t always caused by major leaks or floods. One subtle culprit is moisture in the air. If a home is too humid, the structural elements like drywall and flooring can mold or warp over time. Another sneaky cause of water damage is moisture in the bathroom or laundry room. Places like the base of the toilet, washing machine, and sink can sometimes hide leaks until the floor is soft and molded. Property managers should encourage residents to inspect these places in their homes and report any troubling signs of water damage as soon as possible.

Structural Issues

If a unit has foundation issues or structural damage, sometimes water can invade from the ground up. Monitoring the structural integrity of your units is an easy way to spot water damage before it’s too late. Regularly inspecting your building and keeping a close eye on any trouble spots will help monitor any potential problems.

There are many ways that property managers can prevent water damage to rental units. However, sometimes damage is unavoidable. If you have experienced water damage to your property, the professionals at Kelly Klean can help. We are experts in residential and commercial water damage restoration. Call us today at 573-535-6719 or contact us on our website.

Property Manager? We Have Your Back

Photo by Brad Neathery on Unsplash

Photo by Brad Neathery on Unsplash

Being a property manager requires a lot of on the job effort. You are responsible for the condition of properties that you don’t frequently see. You can’t be in every tenant’s house, making sure they do upkeep and reasonable repairs. You can’t always know when the next natural disaster is going to strike, but you have to handle the fallout. If you’re a property manager, know that we’re here for you. We have a commitment to excellent customer service, 24/7 availability, and the services and experience needed to get your job done right the first time.

24/7 Response

Disaster doesn’t wait until work hours. You shouldn’t either. When you know that there’s a flood happening on your property, call us ASAP. Our phone line is monitored 24/7 to ensure that you get the help you need as soon as possible. An hour can make a world of difference when it comes to water damage. Every minute counts, so don’t hesitate to call.

Commitment to Great Customer Service

We stand by our work, but we also stand by our customer service. We value clear communication as much as we value a job well done. We are prompt with estimates and communicate with you as clearly as possible when we encounter unforeseen issues. We’re happy to provide documentation for your insurance company. And we keep you up to date on every step of the process, so you’re never blindsided by anything.

Nearly 30 Years in Business

We stand by our length of service. You don’t stay in this business long if you don’t know how to treat customers and get work done. We’ve grown this company through the years, and we’re proud to continue expanding. Whether you want a list of satisfied customers or just want to know that there’s nothing we haven’t seen before, our track record speaks for itself.

Wide Range of Services and Expertise

We offer a wide range of services. Whatever is going on with your property, we can help. We offer services like water damage restoration and emergency flood response, but it doesn’t stop there. Storm damage repair, smoke damage repair, and odor removal are standard for us. We can also respond to less common issues. We pride ourselves on our thorough yet sensitive responses to crime scene cleanup and hoarding cleanup situations. Whatever your property needs, we’re prepared to handle it.

Being a property manager isn’t easy. We’re on your side, ready to deal with the issues that arise when you manage a property. Call us at 573-535-6719 to schedule an appointment or get an emergency response. Your property is valuable. We’re going to keep it that way.