Is It Finally Time To Get Rid of that Piano?

Piano removal photo Free-Photos / Pixabay

Your piano is a precious and delicate piece of furniture that you should handle with care. But what happens when you need it removed? Piano removal is yet another service you can hire from your professional restoration company.

Determine the Type of Piano

Upright pianos are the most compact, with the strings and frame aligned vertically. They are perhaps the easiest to move, but should still be handled by a professional. Grand pianos are broad, the long strings and frame extending away from the keyboard. As the most complex, you’ll need to let your removal service know in advance so they can prepare in advance. Baby grand pianos are in-between grands and uprights. They still have long strings but aren’t as big as grand pianos. All three should be handled with care and professionalism.

Get An Estimate

Tell the dispatcher of your restoration company you the location of the piano and the path of the piano to the door. They will determine the complexity of the job. Also, note any special considerations like other furniture or walking hazards. When a professional service comes in, they want to do the job well and keep the piano in the condition it was found in, especially if you are selling it or moving it to another house. The more detail you can give, the more they can prepare. When you call to give the details, they also may be able to give you a cost estimate right over the phone.

Why You Need a Piano Removal Service

Moving from one home to another is stressful enough without tackling trying to move a big piano. Even after you hire a moving service, they may not be the best at figuring out how to handle something as delicate as a piano. A removal service will know exactly what to do to protect your piano and remove it effectively. On the other hand, if you have no more use for a piano or find that it’s time to throw it away, a removal service will be able to give you an estimate for just the removal service for that item, and not charge more like hiring a moving service might.

Piano removal is a tricky job, but one that a professional restoration company is up for. Whether you are moving, getting rid of, or selling your piano, let Kelley Klean do the job. Call us today for an estimate at 573-214-0990.

The Importance of Piano Removal Services

Piano removal can be a complex task. Great pianos have to be kept with the utmost care to keep them in great condition. Even if you don’t want to keep the piano anymore, removing it safely is difficult for the average person. Some pianos are kept in rooms that make removing them seem impossible. Unconventional removal solutions are part of why you need piano removal services to help everything go smoothly.

Keep a Great Piano Great

Taking your piano with you when you move could be as big a stressor as everything else in the move combined. Pianos are large instruments, but they’re very delicate. If your piano breaks while it’s being removed, you might never be able to get it to sound the same. You need piano removal strategists. These are movers who know what they’re doing. They can wrap the piano the right way and figure how to get it down the stairs or through the halls until it’s safely loaded into the truck. Reverse the process in your new home and you’ll have a great piano that plays as smoothly as ever.

Safely Remove an Unwanted Instrument

The other spectrum of piano removal are pianos that you don’t want anymore. Assuming that you’re not going to sell it to anyone, you’re still left with the question of how to move it at all. Pianos can be heavy. Don’t risk your health and safety trying to move a piano on your own or with a friend. Piano removal specialists can get the whole thing out of your house at record speed without a headache. Or a backache, as the case may be.

Unconventional Piano Removal Solutions

Do you have a piano in a room and you’re not sure how it got in there? Many people inherit houses from relatives or buy them as is. They wind up with instruments trapped inside rooms where the doors don’t fit them anymore. Typically, this is because the home was remodeled at some point, and a wider door was replaced by a narrower one. Whatever the reason, getting pianos out of tight spaces needs creativity. Trained piano removal specialists will be able to assess the equipment needs and get what you need–even if that calls for a piano removal crane that most people forget exists outside of cartoons. Piano removal specialists have seen it all.

Removing a piano is a huge hassle. If you want to keep your piano, you have to be sure you’re not damaging it while you try to get it onto and out of the moving van. If you just want to have your space back, moving a piano alone can still lead to serious back injury and pain. Piano removal specialists can move your piano quickly and easily–even if that calls for special equipment.