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You Experienced a Fire…Now What?

Smoke replaced pure air as flames engulfed your home. Your family and pets hopefully made it out safely from one of the scariest things that could happen to you—a fire. Your family’s safety is the most important thing after you experience a fire. But what do you do afterward? It’s a shocking experience, but here are the steps you could take to ensure fire restoration to your home.

Step One: Call 911

After making sure your family and pets are safe, you need to call the authorities. Let them know you are safe, and notify them if anyone is injured. Do not re-enter your home until the authorities tell you it is okay. Contact any family members and friends if you want to, to let them know you’re all right.

Step Two: Call a Fire Restoration Company

This step should happen within 48 hours of the fire. Make an appointment with your local fire restoration company to allow professionals to begin the cleanup process right away. Even if the fire was small, still be sure to make an appointment. The sooner you call them, the sooner the company can work on getting your house back to normal.

Step Three: Find Temporary Housing

It is a great idea to find temporary housing until your home is safe to enter. Smoke can linger for a few days, and it can be harmful to your health. Give your family and friends a call to see if they can help. If that is not an option, talk to your insurance company to see if they can reimburse you for a few nights at a hotel.

Step Four: Speak With Your Insurance Company

At some point, you will need to create an inventory list of important things you need to be replaced. According to, your damaged items list should include the item, the brand name, the price you paid, the serial number, model, or description of each item. Pictures of lost items are helpful as well.

In the United States, there is a home fire every minute and a half. Kelley Klean is a full-service restoration company with 30 years of experience restoring properties from fire damage. We are proud to be the restoration contractor of choice in the Mid-Missouri area. If an unexpected fire has occurred on your property, give Kelley Klean a call at 573-214-0990!

Will My Insurance Cover The Water Damage Expenses?

photo by HypnoArt-

photo by HypnoArt-

The first question many homeowners ask once the water has finally receded is “Will my insurance cover the expenses?”

We would like to tell each of our clients that they will be able to return to a repaired home at no cost to themselves but unfortunately that depends on quite a number of circumstances.

And it can be a bit overwhelming to learn not only was your home damaged severely during flooding, but that you are going to be completely responsible for the expenses. So to better help you prepare for the unexpected, it pays to spend a few moments to determine whether or not you will be covered if damage strikes your home and what you can do to ensure your home is covered in the event of water damage.

Learn Your Policys Coverage And Your Risks

The easiest way to ensure you will be covered in the event of water damage is to first check with your provider themselves. Often providers will have a set of exemptions and exclusions that may bar your claim from being accepted. So it is best you acquaint yourself with your policy’s limits and extend coverage where necessary.

It is important to know, that many policies do not cover damage caused by flooding, so if you live in an area prone to wet and volatile weather we suggest seriously considering  purchasing natural disaster coverage.

Mitigating Damage And Policy Coverage

Even if you are fortunate enough to find yourself covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy, it is important that you act promptly to address the damage caused to your home. Often at times, insurance policies will only cover home owners if the home owner acted in a way to mitigate the damage, within their means. If a provider finds water was allowed to sit for an extended period or if you did not take steps to limit the damage they would be responsible for, by removing valuables, possessions, furniture, and appliances from affected areas etc…, they may decide to waive your coverage, leaving you footing the entire cost.

This highlights the importance of calling an expert as soon as possible, every moment wasted not only means more damage sustained to your home but can also mean that your provider will not cover your expenses.

File A Prompt Claim

If your policy covers the damages and you’ve acted well within your responsibly towards your provider, the only thing left to do is to ensure you file as soon as possible. Often, delaying filing your claim can lead to unforeseen complications which may mean you will be initially held financially responsible for the cost while your provider determines the outcome of your claim.

Whether or not you are certain your homeowner’s insurance policy covers water damage, it is imperative that you act quickly at the first sign of damage, and call a qualified professional to help mitigate damage and begin the restoration process.

If you need help restoring your home back to normal after flooding, feel free to contact one of professionals today and schedule a consultation.