Restoration Contractor Dos and Don’ts

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After a household disaster, it’s sometimes hard to do all of the necessary research to find the right restoration contractor for the job.  You might find yourself settling for just an okay job, or one that seems to be the cheapest. But you have to be careful with who you decide to hire. To help you out, here are some basic dos and don’ts for restoration contractors.

DO Check Credentials

Ideally, you should find a restoration contractor through a referral. Try a friend, coworker, or family member who has had work done before and can vouch for a job well done. The next best thing is to check the contractor’s credentials. Do they have a website listing their information? Are they licensed and knowledgeable with the procedure you need done? If you call their number, is customer service available for you? Do they answer your questions? Remember that you will likely be working with this company for a while, so they need to be good and easy to work with.

DON’T Assume All Contractors Are the Same

Don’t check one restoration contractor and then assume it’s the best you’re going to get. Research a few contractors and compare the differences. It’s not just about price. Contractors can be certified in different areas, specialize in certain types of jobs, and might be used to work that isn’t what you’re looking for. Likewise, don’t be discouraged if you find a dud in your research. They are one of many different companies for you to choose from.

DO Understand How to Make Payments

Once you are quoted a price, ask how it should be paid. Do they take your insurance? Does the damage even fall under insurance? You want a restoration contractor that will work with you to make payment easy. Ask if you’ll have to pay upfront or if they will take payments through your insurance. If you need to make multiple payments, you should know if they accept that as well. Each company could have a different answer.

DON’T Forgo A Contract

All work should be done under a contract. DO NOT allow a restoration contractor to get started without one. It is in both your and the contractor’s best interests to have everything in writing. It holds workers accountable to do their job and holds you responsible for payment. Insurance may not pay if there’s no contract.

Hiring a restoration contractor for your household project is a big job. The job needs to be done well, so your research needs to be thorough. Make sure you are happy with who you choose. At Kelley Klean, we are IICRC certified and available 24/7 through customer service. Whether you need basic repairs or have an emergency, we will be there for you. Call us today at 573-214-0990.

Four Features of Great Restoration Companies

Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash

Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash

Hiring a restoration company is the best way to get your house back to the way it used to be. If you want to meet or exceed the standards of your pre-disaster house, you need a great restoration company. A company who knows what you’re up against locally, has the right tools, and amazing customer service. If they work with your insurance too, they’re perfect.

1. Knowledge of the Area

The first thing you find in great restoration companies is extensive knowledge of the area they serve. While the theoretical mechanics of cleaning and restoration are the same everywhere, great restoration companies know what’s unique about your area. They know the pests that are most common and how to deal with them. They know if your area is currently having a huge explosion of molds, and therefore know to be relentless in cleaning up that puddle of standing water. They have the expertise to identify your problems and fix them in a way that doesn’t just make things worse.

2. Amazing Customer Service

You may find that, post-disaster, you are not in a perfectly calm state of mind. You may find yourself repeating yourself over the phone, or struggling to answer questions when you book a restoration company. “Hello, part of my roof caught on fire and the rest of the house was doused with water trying to put it out,” is not a call you often have the chance to rehearse. Excellent customer service will settle you down and put you in control of the situation. It will offer estimates and have good communication every step of the way.

3. Understanding of Insurance

Whether you need your insurance company to reimburse you or you’d prefer the restoration company to bill them directly, you’ll find that great restoration companies are masters of insurance. One way or another, that’s how they get paid! Even though this may be something of a no brainer, it’s still important to make sure that your restoration company can handle it. Mistakes with insurance always lead to painful headaches.

4. The Right Tools for the Right Job

There’s more than one way to clean a spot. Some restoration companies want to cut costs on machines and equipment, so they lean more heavily on their labor force. They work harder, but not smarter–and your home deserves better. Find a company who has the right tools for the job. They’re investing their profits in the tools that will help them get ahead, and you stand a better chance of getting the best possible solution for your troubles.

Great restoration companies aren’t sending in a team armed only with a mop and bucket. They’re investing in technology that gets your home back to the way it was before, or even better. They understand insurance and follow through on what they have to do, whether that’s providing documentation or billing them directly. Their customer service is excellent, and their knowledge of your local area can’t be beat. That’s what separates a good restoration company from a great one.