How to Make the Most of Your Jefferson City Winter Prep Time

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photo by Larisa-K-

Jefferson City MO experience intense winter months that can cause major destruction to homes. In addition to cold temperatures and snow and ice, winter brings dangerous driving conditions and the potential for damaging and deadly storms. Severe winter storms can be extremely dangerous. In this article, you will learn how to make the most of your Jefferson City winter prep time.


Most Common Form of Property Damage

The most common form of property damage in the winter in Jefferson City is due to frozen pipes. Frozen water causes the pipes to expand, which can lead to cracks within the pipeline. When temperatures rise above freezing, however, these cracks can cause unwanted water flowing within your property in large volumes. Fortunately, there are a few ways to prevent frozen pipes. Keep reading to find out how to prevent it.

Insulate Your Pipes

In Jefferson City, there are very harsh winters you have to deal with. Most homes have insulated pipes, however, there are certain areas that are usually forgotten. Places such as the garage and sprinkler systems. Pipes that are directly exposed to the outside weather are most vulnerable to freezing when the weather drops below 32 degrees. When you insulate your pipes, it creates a barrier between the cold weather that can prevent pipes from freezing when the temperatures drop. When you live in a place like Jefferson City, you can’t take chances, you have to prepare.

Maintain Internal Temperatures

Many people in Jefferson City tend to turn the thermostat down when they leave their home or business. Harsh winter nights put your pipes at risk of freezing if the internal temperatures go below 55 degrees. To avoid this, make sure the internal temperature of your property stays no cooler than 55 degrees.

Keep the Water Running

When dealing with harsh cold winters like in Jefferson City, leaving the water running can actually save you money. You might think it will cost more to continuously have a trickle of water flowing from the tap, but that is not the case. It will cost more to fix frozen or damaged pipes than to leave the water running so the pipes don’t freeze.

Keep your Garage Closed

Keeping your garage door open in Jefferson City can lead to tons of frozen or damaged pipes. When you keep the garage door closed, it allows any heat from the building to stay at a higher temperature than if the door was kept open. Even though the heat rise is small, it could be enough to prevent any pipes from freezing.


Dealing with winter in Jefferson City can lead to damages in your home or business if you’re not careful. Remember to insulate your pipes, maintain temperatures, keep the water running, and your garage closed. That is how to make the most of your Jefferson City winter prep time. And if you experience damage, there is a company who will help you no matter what. Kelley Klean is a full-service restoration company with experience restoring properties from water damage caused by frozen pipes. For more information on Kelley Klean, call their number (573)561-5382.


Questions to Ask a MO Carpet Cleaner Before Hiring

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photo by stevepb-

MO carpet cleaner is a popular thing people search for in Missouri. You never know when you will need a carpet cleaner. From flooding to normal wear and tear, carpets get dirty or ruined over time. When looking for a carpet cleaner, you need to make sure to have the right one. In this article, you will find out the right questions to ask a MO carpet cleaner before hiring.

When Can You Help Me?

An emergency can strike at any time. This means you need a MO carpet cleaner that is available when you need them. Before hiring, make sure to ask what times they are available. It is always best to get a MO carpet cleaner that can service your home 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When your house is flooded, the last thing you need to hear is that you have to wait until tomorrow or longer for help to come. A company that is there for you every day no matter what is comforting.

What Are Your Estimate Rates?

This is one of the most important questions you need to ask. When searching for a MO carpet cleaner, you need to know who has the most competitive rates and go for that company. Issues like flooding include losing personal items such as furniture. You don’t need to worry about an expensive MO carpet cleaner that tacks onto your expenses.

Do You Have Certifications?

When choosing a carpet cleaner, ask them if they have any certifications for their restoration/cleaning business. The IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) has many certifications a MO carpet cleaner can get. Things like Water Damage Technician, Fire and Smoke Removal, Odor Control, Upholstery and Fabric, and Carpet Cleaning. If the company is not certified, it is best to find a MO carpet cleaner that is.

Will You Keep Me Informed?

Of course, they will say that they will, but you will be able to tell how sincere they are. You need an honest MO carpet cleaner that will keep you up to date every step of the way. Constant communication is extremely important for any type of restoration. This is your home, you need a  carpet cleaning company that respects that and will keep you in the know the entire time they are working for you.

You need a  carpet cleaner that is willing to pull out all the stops for you. Hire one that will deal directly with your insurance company so that all the right paper work is filled out regarding your claim. Not all Mo carpet cleaner companies do this, so this is an important question to ask so you find the best of the best.

Finding the right MO carpet cleaner is difficult. That’s why you need to know the right questions to ask a MO carpet cleaner before hiring. Remember to ask them when they can help, their estimates, what certifications they have, if they will keep you informed, and if they will work with your insurance. All of these questions will lead you to the best company for your needs.

Commercial Restoration Services

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photo by annawaldl-

When your business is affected by a disaster such as flooding, fire, sewerage, wind, mold and even trauma, once the disaster has passed, you want to get your business up and running as fast as possible to mitigate loss of income. Some of the main services that may need to be established to start with include emergency power, emergency HVAC, Fire Watch, Security Watch, Roof Tarping, boarding up of windows and door spaces.

If you do not already have an emergency plan in place to deal with disaster management at your place of business to reduce loss of goods as well as being able to get functioning as a business as soon as possible after a disaster, you should put one in place as soon as possible.  Sometimes it is a good option to choose a professional commercial restoration company to assist you in detailing your emergency plan.  This also means that you would only have one service provider you need to call in the case of a disaster besides the authorities, and the commercial restoration company will deal with all of the rest.

Once the main aspects of disaster management have been taken care of and procedures are in place to reduce any further loss or damage, the next step in the process can start, the clean up and repairs.  The restoration aspects involved include fire, water and wind damage, mold and asbestos remediation, impact restoration, odor remediation, decontamination, sewerage clean up, boarding up of exposed areas, covering of damaged roof areas as well as some contents restoration where possible. Your disaster plan should take all of these aspects into account so that no matter what disaster strikes, you have a plan in place on how to deal with it and reduce your commercial losses.

Commercial restoration companies are able to work closely with your insurance company so that losses are minimized and the business is restored to operational order as soon as possible. Health and safety is paramount when it comes to disaster management of this kind and a professional company will be able to advise you on ways to reduce risk to yourself and your staff during the restoration process.

Your commercial restoration specialists may also be able to offer advice that is unique to your individual business. Dealing with aspects such as boiler rooms, computer rooms, sensitive documentation or specialized equipment may need specific handling in the disaster plan with possible ways of reducing damage or losses in these areas by following certain protocols, such as keeping documents in waterproof/fireproof containers, fireproofing rooms and so forth. When you have a business that might possibly involve a large number of members of the public, such as a shopping mall, you may also want to discuss escape routes, trauma clean up and other emergency services. If you deal with tenants at your business, or your business is renting to tenants, you might want to look at having a company contracted to dealing with disasters at any of the buildings as they occur, this will save you time and money as well as reduce the loss if income while tenants are unable to occupy the premises.