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How Do You Know If It’s Time for Carpet Cleaning?

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Take a closer look at your carpets. Are they stained? Matted? Do they have high traffic? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it might be time to look into carpet cleaning. Let’s take a closer look at the signs that you need your carpet cleaned immediately!

When You Can’t Remember Your Last Carpet Cleaning

The industry standard for carpet cleaning is once a year. If it’s been longer than a year or you can’t remember the last time it happened, it’s probably time to call in the professionals. Even if you’re careful and don’t wear shoes in the house, your carpets probably need a cleaning. Regular cleanings have been shown to extend the overall lifespan and appearance of your carpets.

If Your Allergies Are Flaring Up

If you find your allergies getting more sensitive in the house, it might be your carpet causing problems. Carpeted surfaces are notorious for attracting dust, dander, dirt, and other allergens. Vacuuming won’t get rid of all the troublemakers. The problem with vacuuming is that it stirs up allergens, pushing some into the air where they can linger for hours before landing back in your carpets. On the other hand, a professional carpet cleaning service can get to the root of the problem and remove the allergens.

Carpet Cleaning Can Revitalize Dirty or Stained Carpet

When you take another look at your carpets, you’ll probably see unexpected guests: stains. The problem with seeing our floors every single day? We get used to it! If you’re not sure whether it’s time, try the furniture test. Move a piece of furniture and compare the two spaces. Professional carpet cleaning will rejuvenate dirty and stained carpets. The right team can make them look as good as new.

It Can Remove Odors From Your Home

If you notice a smell in your home that won’t go away, take a good long sniff of your carpet. Since carpets are soft surfaces, they can easily trap odors. Professional carpet cleaning can get to the root of the smell and remove it for good.

Kelley Klean is Your Go-To Carpet Cleaning Team!

Now that you’ve learned more about the signs to look out for, it’s time to decide if you’re ready to get your carpets professionally cleaned. When you’re ready, the team at Kelley Klean is ready to assist. We’ve been helping homeowners in the Columbia area revive their carpets for years. Don’t wait —contact Kelley Klean today!

Easy Carpet Cleaning Tricks to Prevent Carpet Stains

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Are you interested in keeping your carpet clean? You’ve come to the right place! With these five tips, you can keep your carpet stain-free for longer periods of time. Since carpet cleaning is a chore disliked by many, it can prove difficult to clean effectively. However, by taking off your shoes, having a stain-resistant treatment done, and vacuuming regularly, you can prevent many stains from absorbing into your carpet fibers. Now let’s take a look at five ways to prevent carpet stains:  

Get a Stain-Resistant Treatment Done    

You can apply a stain-resistant treatment directly on your carpet. This applies a seal over the surface of your carpet to prevent all types of stains. If you’re buying a new carpet, your carpet may come with this feature; however, you can also buy it in stores if necessary. While this sealant won’t protect against all stains, it does make stains easier to remove. 

Vacuum Regularly   

Another way to prevent carpet stains is by vacuuming regularly. Not everyone can do it on a weekly basis; however, it’s suggested that your carpet be vacuumed at least once a week, if not more. By vacuuming regularly, you can remove dirt that’s been trapped inside your carpet. If you remove the dirt frequently, you’ll likely experience fewer stains as there is less of a build-up. Without this build-up of dirt, you might even notice your carpet looks newer than before.  

Get A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service  

No matter how well you clean your carpet, it’s important to have it cleaned by a professional at least once a year. When your carpet is professionally cleaned, it’ll give your carpet a deep and thorough scrubbing. By rinsing out any old stains that might have been left behind, it polishes your carpet to look brand new. That way, stains don’t sink deeper into your carpet fibers. Instead, no stains will be left at all. It’s perfect for preventing stains since professionals usually treat carpets with stain-resistant products and other stain prevention techniques at little cost to you.  

Take Off Your Shoes for an Efficient Carpet Cleaning 

Taking off your shoes is a great and easy trick to prevent carpet stains. No longer do you have to scrub out mud stains or pick up leaves. Instead, you can build a cubby next to the door to store your shoes. It’s a cost-effective trick that works every time to keep your carpet fresh and stain-free.  

Use Plastic Mats or Rugs 

When trying to prevent carpet stains, you might want to use plastic mats or rugs in high-traffic areas of your home. Using these can prevent food spills, foot traffic, and everyday spills from transferring to your carpet. That way, you don’t have to worry about spending long periods of time deep-cleaning your carpet to avoid stains.  

Now that you know some ways to prevent stains, call your local carpet cleaning company today. If you live in central Missouri, contact Kelley Klean. With reliable technicians and affordable rates, Kelley Klean is the best restoration team in Missouri. For more information about our services, visit our website. 

Three Ways Odor Removal Services Can Help You Remove Pet Stains

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Are you having trouble removing pet odors from your home? Well, you’re in luck – with these three tips you can have your home smelling like new in no time. Since cleaning products often stain fabrics instead of cleaning up the mess, it’s a good idea to hire a restoration team to help out. With state-of-the-art equipment and proven methods of odor removal, they’ll be able to fix any pet accidents you have. Without further ado, let’s look three ways odor removal services can help you remove pet stains. 

Get a Carpet Cleaning  

When a pet has an accident, it’s normal to pick up a bottle of pet cleaner and a paper towel. However, over time pet odors can linger due to the type of cleaning solution you’re using. Since traditional pet cleaners only penetrate the surface with perfumes, it does not address the larger issue underneath the carpet where odors circulate. Instead, if left untreated, pet odors can spill into the baseboards and walls. Getting a carpet cleaning can eliminate those odors. Carpet cleaning works to deep-clean underneath your household floors, making pet odors undetectable. 

Have a Urine Treatment Done on Your Carpet 

While some people may benefit solely from the average carpet cleaning service, urine treatments are also available for those who need them. For those with young pets, or older dogs who can’t quite reach the backyard anymore, having a urine treatment done on your carpet might be right for you. While they’re an added expense to an average carpet cleaning and can be a tad pricey, they can help with stains and odors that permeate with pet accidents. Restoration teams and cleaning companies can pre-treat the carpet and subflooring to make sure that when accidents happen, no permanent damage is done. 

Have your Carpet Cleaned Regularly For Successful Odor Removal

Getting your carpet cleaned as well as treated for urine stains is important. However, you must get these cleaning services done regularly. If you only have your carpet cleaned about once every two years, that could result in pet odors and stains, which can permanently damage the fibers underneath your carpet. Consumers are likely to differ on cleaning cycles due to the price, the services offered, and location. However, it’s best to get your carpet cleaned at least twice a year to remove pet odors for good.  

Now that you know some methods of odor removal, call your local carpet cleaning or restoration company. If you live in Jefferson City, you should check out Kelly Klean, the Restoration Team. With quality service, one-on-one communication, and affordable rates, Kelly Klean provides customers with honest and friendly technicians. Offering several services, Kelly Klean is a full-service restoration company that can clean your carpets, fix damage from a storm, and help with mold and mildew removal. That way, when an emergency comes calling, you don’t have to find a new company with new rates. Instead, Kelly Klean will help you along the way. For more information, contact Kelly Klean on our website. 

How Often Should You Have Carpet Cleaning in Missouri?

Clean Carpet

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Most homeowners vacuum their carpets often, but don’t realize the benefits of professional carpet cleaning. Missouri sees a wide variety of weather, making it easy to stain carpets with dirt, sand, and soil. Unattended carpet stains can become permanent, leaving your house looking dirty and decreasing the market value. Read on to learn more about how often Missouri homeowners should consider carpet cleaning.

High Traffic Areas

The more foot traffic on the carpet, the more debris and stains can be ground into the fibers. We recommend professionally cleaning carpets once a year, especially for the high-traffic rooms.  The best time in Missouri to clean carpets is late spring, because the snow has melted and the muddy spring season is done. Hiring a company like Kelly Klean can keep the carpet in your most popular rooms bright for years.

Daily Carpet Cleaning

Common sense should indicate that if an accidental spill occurs in a small area of carpet, immediate action needs to occur.  Using a damp cloth to blot liquid stains can help dilute the discoloration. It’s also a good idea to have a can or bottle of everyday carpet cleaner on hand, which can be purchased at your local hardware store. For dry stains, try using a vacuum with a crevice tool to pick up any debris before using a stain remover.  Be careful not to overuse commercial carpet cleaner, as this can cause visible bleaching or discoloration of carpets.  Lastly, if your carpet is white or cream-colored, try sprinkling baking soda on the stain for removal. If you are still having trouble after a couple of tries, it’s time to call Kelly Klean.

Move-in Precautions

Most homeowners have carpets professionally cleaned before selling their house. However, not everyone in Missouri does this. If you are moving into a new home, ask the realtor about the last time the carpets were professionally cleaned. If it’s been over a year, especially if the previous owners had pets, then have the carpets professionally cleaned before you move furniture into the house. There’s nothing better than that fresh-carpet feeling underneath your toes in a new home.

Carpet cleaning in Missouri does not have to be a hassle. From treating small stains to annual shampooing and steam-cleaning, Kelly Klean has your home covered. Our technicians are professional and reliable, working hard to remove even the toughest of stains. If you are in the central Missouri region, contact us to learn more about our carpet cleaning services.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Solutions

While carpet cleaning is done best by professionals, sometimes it can be more cost-effective or faster to do it yourself. That being said, there are some ways to clean that are better than others. If you are a DIY type and would like to clean your carpets yourself, check out these tips from professionals.

Carpet Cleaning by Hand

The best clean you can get for your carpet is to use a carpet cleaning machine. They are available for rent and you can also buy one for your home. Some people, though, choose to forgo that expense and clean their carpet by hand. Kelley Klean has a step-by-step guide to cleaning your carpet by hand to ensure the best clean possible. You will need table salt, baking soda, a spray bottle, and a bristle brush before you can begin. Take a look and set aside some time to really deep clean your carpet.

Vacuum Often and With the Correct Settings

In between deep cleans, set up a vacuum schedule. Vacuuming high-traffic areas once or twice a week will keep dirt from building up in the fibers of your carpet. Plan for the days ahead of time so you are less likely to forget. When using a vacuum, adjust the height until you can feel it pull forward. Each vacuum pass over your carpet should be done slowly. In high-use areas, go over each section twice.

Spot Clean

Don’t allow stains or dirt to remain for long periods of time. Always have stain remover on hand and react quickly when you see one forming. The longer a stain has to set in, the harder it will be to remove and the more fragile the carpet will become. Blot any liquid from the inside out with a rag or paper towel first before treating with stain remover.

Rotate Your Furniture

If you’ve lived in your house for a long time, chances are your furniture hasn’t moved much. When professional services come in for a cleaning, they often see deep groove marks in the carpet due to heavy furniture. These grooves can lead to tearing and damaging your carpet. To reduce the strain on your carpet, change up the layout of your furniture every couple of months and restore the grooves in the carpet. Steam-cleaning these grooves will have your carpet looking good as new. If you don’t have access to a steam cleaner, use a coin to straighten out the fibers so that they are standing like the others around them.

It’s possible to keep your carpet looking good as new by yourself. With the proper equipment, focus, and schedule you should never have to look at ugly stains or endure a dirt-ridden carpet before the next cleaning. We do recommend having a professional cleaning at least once a year. At Kelley Klean, we are IICRC certified and provide the best carpet-cleaning service in the state of Missouri. Call us today at 573-214-0990 to schedule an appointment.

How to Help Your Carpets Survive the Holiday Season


Keep you carpet clean during the holidays

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Everyone seems to love the holiday season. It is a season to spend time with family and take time to think about what you are truly thankful for. While the holidays can be fun, your house could become a disaster. Whether you are hosting family or you are just busy from the holidays, your home seems to always take a hit. With the additional foot traffic, your carpets get dirtier than other areas of your home. While ignoring your dirty carpets would be easy, it is not the best option. Following these simple tips will help your carpets survive this holiday season.

Use a Coat Rack

You may think that coats would be the last item to make your carpets dirty. If you think about the weather during the holidays, though, it is never great. Thanks to snow and ice, your coat is usually holding moisture. If you have guests over who pile their coats on your couch or bed, the moisture will seep into your carpets. The water that seeps into your carpets is less than ideal for keeping your carpets clean. To keep your carpet safe adding a coat rack at the entrance of your house will prevent your guests from piling up coats elsewhere.

Take Your Shoes Off at the Door

You just found out what coats can do to the cleanliness of your carpet – now imagine what shoes can do. Shoes are one of the biggest culprits of stains. Your shoes track in a lot of different contaminants. Even if you wipe down your shoes when you walk in, some of those substances will stay on the bottom of your shoes. The best way to avoid any unwanted dirt from shoes is to ask your guests to take their shoes off at the door.

Consider the Menu

Food is one of the biggest parts of the holidays. From apple pie to red wine, you look forward to all of it. One thing you may not consider is the stains that can occur because of food. Instead of selecting colored drinks, choose to serve clear drinks. Having clear drinks will help reduce the chances of unwanted stains.

Have Your Carpet Cleaned

One of the best things you can do to help your carpet survive during the holiday season is to have a professional cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning protects your carpets from unwanted dirt and stains. Carpet cleaning companies have special products such as stain protectant to help keep your carpets clean no matter what. A professional carpet cleaning after the holidays also helps to brighten your carpet back to how they were before the holiday season. If you are ready for the holiday season but want to help your carpets, then a professional carpet cleaning is a must. For all of your carpet cleaning needs call Kelley Klean. Kelley Klean will make sure that your carpets sparkle through the whole holiday season. Don’t let your carpets take a beating because of the holidays; call Kelley Klean today to have your carpet cleaning done.

How To Deep Clean Your Carpets

carpet cleaning

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You vacuum your carpet regularly and spot clean when your carpets seem to be looking dirty. However, you turn around one day, and your carpets are not the same color they once were. Now you have to figure out the best way to deep clean your carpets to restore them back to their original color. There are different ways to deep clean your carpet and restore their brightness.

Use a Carpet Cleaning Machine

You can vacuum all you want and use different stain removers, but sometimes you just need to pull out a carpet cleaning machine. If your home is filled with children and pets, it is best to purchase a carpet cleaning machine. If you do not have a lot of children and pets, then you can just rent a carpet cleaning machine. A carpet cleaning machine allows you to deeper clean your carpets with a stronger pull and special formula.

Wash Carpets By Hand

You may not think it is worth it to either buy or rent a carpet cleaning machine. Another way to deep clean your carpets is by hand. You are probably thinking that cleaning your carpets by hand sounds like a lot of work. While it is more time consuming than using a carpet cleaning machine, the results are worth it. Make sure you have the necessary tools and materials before you begin. You need a stiff bristle brush and a spray bottle. Use a mixture of water, some detergent, table salt and baking soda, and a few old rags.

Once you compile the materials and tools, you can begin the cleaning process. By following these simple steps, your carpets will be looking like new once again.


  1. Mix a little bit of soap with water in the spray bottle. Shake lightly for water and soap to mix (do not shake excessively).
  2. Sprinkle baking soda and salt over the area you want to clean. You do not need to put down a lot of baking soda and salt. Just put enough down to where you can somewhat see it.
  3. Spray the soap and water mixture over the area and let sit for a few minutes.
  4. Brush over the area to pick up and hair or dirt.
  5. Lay towel over the area to absorb is extra water.
  6. Once the area is dry, empty your spray bottle and refill it with normal tap water.
  7. Take the spray bottle filled with tap water and spray over the area.
  8. Use towels again to dry area. If you want your carpets to dry more quickly, then put heavy items on towels to absorb water more quickly.
  9. Let the area completely dry.


Professional Cleaning

Deep cleaning your carpets can bring them back to like new conditions. However, your carpets sometimes need the professionals’ tools and knowledge to really look new again. Professional cleaners have specialized equipment to ensure the deepest clean. Once you have a carpet cleaning done by a professional, you’ll notice a huge difference.

Call for a Deep Carpet Cleaning

If you are ready for your carpets to brighten up your house again, then call the professionals at Kelley Klean. Kelley Klean uses the best and lastest carpet cleaning technology. Restore your home today with Kelly Klean.

4 Ways to Care for Your Carpet

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Installing new carpeting is a big investment. As soon as the carpet installers leave, you start to wonder how you will make your carpet last especially with both kids and pets in the house. You don’t need to worry about the life of your carpeting as long as you take care of your carpets. Here are four ways to care for your carpet.

Use the Vacuum Correctly

The first step to vacuuming correctly is to set a vacuuming schedule. You should vacuum high traffic areas twice a week and all other areas at least once a week. Vacuuming with this frequency ensures that little to no dirt is building up in the carpet’s fibers. Once you have set a vacuuming schedule, you should make sure you are using the vacuum correctly. To figure out the right way to use your vacuum, you will want to make sure it is at the right height. To find the right height, raise your vacuum to its highest setting, turn it on and lower it until you feel the vacuum tug forward. You should vacuum slowly and do two passes over high traffic areas.

Buy the Right Carpet Pad

The carpet pad can either extend your carpet’s life or cut its lifespan in half. Determining a high-quality carpet pad is not based on thickness, but density. The denser your carpet pad is, the longer the life of your carpet. A high-quality pad will have 3/8 to 1/2 thickness and a density/weight rating of at least 6 pounds. Cheap and low-density pads will only last a few years before you need to replace them. For higher traffic areas, the pad should be thinner and have a weight/density of 8 pounds or more. A high-quality carpet pad will prolong your carpet’s life and reduce how often you need to get a professional carpet cleaning.

Clean Spots Immediately

Spills are bound to happen on your new carpets. How quickly you treat the spot will determine how long your carpets will last. Letting a spot set for too long will allow for it to get deep into your carpet’s fibers. The more liquid that gets to your carpet’s fibers, the weaker the fibers become. When your carpet’s fibers are too weak, your carpet will start to fall apart. Getting to a spot quickly will prevent the liquid from getting to the carpet fibers. It is best to first get rid of any excess liquids or solids of the spot. Once the excess is taken care of, you will want to blot from the inside of the spot to the outside. After you blot the spot, you should treat it with a spot remover.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

One of the best ways to care for your carpet is to have a professional carpet cleaning done. Professional carpet cleaning treats your carpets the best and gets rid of stains and smells. Professional carpet cleaners offer services that will extend the life of your carpet. If you are ready to have your carpets cleaned, call the professionals at Kelly Klean. We make sure we leave your carpets in better condition than we found them.


How Often Do Commercial Carpets Need to be Professionally Cleaned?

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It can be easy to forget, but one important factor that impacts prospective customers’ impression of your business is how clean it is. Carpets that are worn or have stains on them detract from the appearance of your business, losing you potential customers. So how often do you have to clean your carpets? There are several factors to consider when determining how frequently you need to call commercial carpet cleaning services.

Foot Traffic

Foot traffic can be measured pretty easily. Keep an eye out for how many people are walking on the carpet and how quickly this leads to dirt build up. Businesses that have very few people walking around the facility will typically need to have their carpets cleaned less frequently. Whereas businesses that have a lot of people constantly walking on their carpets should opt to have them professionally cleaned more often. Many businesses already keep track of foot traffic for various reasons. So you can simply use this same information to help you determine a carpet cleaning schedule.

Type of Traffic

The type of people that are entering your business is another thing you’ll have to take into account for your commercial carpet cleaning services. Businesses mostly visited by employees can get away with less frequent carpet cleaning. Employees aren’t as concerned about its appearance as customers. On the other hand, businesses that experience large numbers of walk-in customers should look to get their carpets cleaned more often. This allows them to offer a more professional appearance to their clients.

Type of Business

The most important factor that a business should consider is what type of business they are. Businesses typically visited by children and the elderly like daycares and nursing homes require frequent cleanings. Cleaning these carpets at least once every three months helps eliminate the spread of disease. Businesses that prepare or handle food should also schedule cleanings at least once every three months. Office buildings, manufacturing plants, and other businesses that are typically only visited by employees have the luxury of being able to wait up to twelve months depending on the number of visitors.

All businesses should have their carpets professionally cleaned at least once per year. This will eliminate the build-up of dirt, salt, and sand, as well as preserve the carpet, making it last longer. If you are in need of commercial carpet cleaning services, Kelley Klean can help. Call us at 573-561-5382, or contact us on our website.

When Did You Last Clean Your Carpet?

Carpet cleaning is an essential part of caring for your home. Regular cleaning can improve the look and feel of your carpet, extend its life, and even cut down on allergies. There are also some steps you can take to extend the “freshly cleaned carpet” feeling for longer!

Regular Carpet Cleaning Cuts Allergies

Professional carpet cleaning gets down to the base of your carpet. Powerful tools suck up deep dirt, pollen, dander, and other allergens. This lowers the concentration of allergy triggers in your home, reducing your exposure to allergens and leading to fewer issues with allergies.

Your regular, household vacuums can help with this too. It’s best to continue to clean your carpet yourself between professional visits. However, most household vacuums can’t reach all the way down through your thick carpet fibers. They clean the top layer, but they can’t get down to the bottom. That bottom layer is where the grit, allergens, and dirt collect and are slowly released back into the air.

Carpet Cleaning Extends the Life of Your Carpet

A professional cleaning actually extends the life of your carpet. This works by lifting away dirt, grease, and residue. Clean fibers have a better look and feel, but it doesn’t end there. By removing gritty particles that would otherwise be ground into the strands of your carpet, you avoid a lot of damage. When grit cuts through the carpet fibers, your carpet becomes dull, fuzzy, and worn-looking. While some damage is simply unavoidable, and no carpet lasts forever, removing many of those particles with regular, professional cleaning will slow the damage.

Rotate Your Furniture

In addition to cleaning your carpet frequently, it’s important to rotate your furniture in order to extend the life of your carpet and get the most out of its cleaning. Rotating your furniture does two things for your carpet. First, it avoids making those deep divots under the couch and bookcase permanent. Anything heavy that sits on your carpet for long is going to leave a mark. Over time, these marks can get pushed into the underfloor, creating permanent creases and dips. That wears your carpet out faster!

The other main reason to rotate your furniture is that it helps your carpet wear evenly. You’ll have noticed that high traffic areas of your room have duller, dirtier carpet than the rest. This is a natural consequence of the wear and tear that they’re going through. By rotating your furniture every six months, you vastly reduce the strain that your carpet is under. It spreads the wear and tear out evenly. Even as your carpet wears over time, it’s far less noticeable because the carpet stays consistent and uniform. A more even wear and tear means your carpet will look and feel more uniform after a cleaning.

Carpet cleaning makes a world of difference for your home. It extends the life of your carpet and makes it easier for people with allergies to live there. Rotate your furniture to maintain the maximum effect, and remember: just because the professionals do it better doesn’t mean you should skip on doing it yourself!