Hoarding Cleanup for Beginners

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Dealing with hoarding cleanup is overwhelming. Not only is cleaning a large task, but the emotional toll of helping a hoarder is tough. Whether it’s a loved one, friend, or yourself, hoarding cleanup is an uphill battle mentally and physically. Not sure where to start? Read on to determine the first steps in tackling tough hoarding cases.

Hoarding Cleanup and Mental Health

Hoarders are often diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and/or depression.  Symptoms of hoarding are frustrating for loved ones and friends. Hoarders have severe anxiety about throwing away items. As debris piles up, they may display obsessive thoughts and actions. Don’t be surprised if a hoarder shows suspicion when you are in their home to try to help them.

Protective Equipment for Hoarding Cleanup

Safety is crucial for the hoarding cleanup process.  At the very least, wear gloves and face masks to prevent exposure to bacteria such as Staph or E.coli. You also need to wear long sleeves and long pants to protect skin from puncture wounds. At Kelly Klean, we ensure all employees working on hoarding sites wear hazmat suits and protective gear to prevent injury or illness. Additionally, we abide by OSHA policy when cleaning up bio-hazardous material.

Use the “3 Group” Rule When Discarding Items

When examining items, allow for three possibilities: keep, donate, and garbage. If determining which items to trash is a struggle, ask if the item was used in the past year.  Exceptions to the year-usage rule are personal items or family heirlooms with sentimental value. Many hoarding experts agree that items not used in the past year should be thrown away or donated. Any item growing mold should immediately be tossed into the trash.

When in Doubt, Call a Professional

Homes with hoarding problems require more than just a thorough vacuum and dusting. Hoarders often have years of debris in unorganized piles. The longer debris sits, the more dirt, dust, and mold accumulate. Do not hesitate to call a professional cleaning service. Kelly Klean will help you devise a cleaning strategy and follow through with removal and restoration.

Hiring professional cleaners to alleviate hoarding mess can help ease a stressful situation. Kelly Klean has years of cleaning up hoarding sites for homeowners of all ages. Our experienced technicians turn over every item in your home to give you a fresh new start.  Visit our website or give us a call today at 573-535-6719.

How To Know When It’s Time To Hire A Hoarder Cleanup Crew

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Did you know that more than 3 million Americans suffer from hoarding? Hoarding is a psychological disorder that can leave homes untidy, unhealthy, and a dangerous place to be. A hoarder cleanup crew, like the one at Kelley Klean, can help you or your loved one get their home back to a livable space. How do you know when it’s time to hire a hoarder cleanup crew? Read on to learn more.

Hoarders Become Distressed With The Thought Of Parting With Items

Someone who suffers from hoarding will have a major issue at the thought of getting rid of their things. It’s one of the biggest signs they have a problem. For hoarders, their things feel like an extension of themselves. They find comfort in having these items, even if they’ll never use them.

For example, a hoarder may have old newspapers piling up in their living room but refuses to throw them out. Often just the mention of getting rid of these items can result in distress or a fight. When they have reached this point, it’s time to seek help, especially if they are starting to run out of safe space in their home. The first step is calling a discreet hoarder cleanup crew to come in.

Hoarders Don’t Allow Outsiders Into Their Home

Most often, hoarders take issue with anyone entering their home. They tend to know that their behavior is frowned upon and they don’t want to face embarrassment or ridicule, or even discuss it. If you are the family member of someone who suffers from hoarding, you may not even be fully aware of their issue. They could be in dire need of a hoarder cleanup crew and you wouldn’t even realize it.

Call A Hoarder Cleanup Crew If Someone Is In Danger

Hoarding is a dangerous habit. When someone hoards items in their home, they can create many obstacles and risks. Often the items cause a fire hazard, breed mold, or are simply dirty. Some individuals will hoard garbage. Overall, it makes the home unsafe to live in.

If the hoarder has small children or pets who are unable to fend for themselves, it’s definitely a good idea to get some help. Even if the hoarder lives alone, they are putting themselves at risk and need help getting out of it.

Hoarder Cleanup Crew In Mid-Missouri

If you live in Columbia, Jefferson City, or the central Missouri area and you want to help a hoarder, give us a call. We work closely with families to not only clean up the hoarded items but also find long-term help for the hoarder. We know how sensitive the situation can be and we want to help. Contact us today to learn more.


Cleaning Services for Hoarding

A person with a hoarding disorder will hold on to items for sentimental or emotional reasons. They keep things that cause clutter in the home. For people with a hoarding disorder, the act of decluttering their home seems impossible and can be a very taxing task. Restoration companies help take the cleaning process off your hands so that you can tackle the emotional and psychological effects that may come of it. Here is what you need to know about hoarding cleanup.

Sensitivity When You Need It

More than 3 million Americans are suffering from a hoarding disorder. A restoration company will come to work without any judgment. In order to prevent causing emotional harm, the company will work directly with their client as well as family and/or a psychologist. Having a service to help can make the process go smoothly and prevent you from putting yourself in a difficult situation alone.

Getting Rid of the Clutter

The first thing a restoration company will do is physically remove the goods that need to be removed. No matter why you hire the company, be it for safety, moving or cleaning an estate, they will do it all. This is the hardest step in the process, and it’s understood that just removing the clutter won’t prevent future hoarding. A restoration company can also help to find long-term solutions, including safeguarding your home against damages that can occur from hoarding.

Disinfect and Restore the Home

Hoarders are probably unaware of any damage in their home. Even just a few years of piling goods into a room can promote moisture or pressure to the structure. A restoration company can disinfect the area and survey for mold, stains, offensive odors, and other biohazards. They also have the correct tools to respond to the damage, leaving your home cleaner than they found it. Damage likely hiding in the floors or walls will affect the integrity of your home and can only be seen after hoarding cleanup.

Call Kelley Klean

Hoarding cleanup is a sensitive and emotional project for the client and their family. At Kelley Klean, we want to do our part to help make things a little easier. Kelley Klean has a lot of experience working with clients with hoarding disorders as well as their loved ones. We can also clean estates after a loved one has passed. Give us a call today at 573-214-0990 to set up an appointment.

Four Ways to Address Hoarding and Get Help

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Hoarding cannot only create stress in your life but can cause stress in your loved ones lives as well.  Dealing with hoarding is challenging and can cause issues in your life. You may not know where to start when it comes to addressing hoarding.  Not only is it challenging to address hoarding, but beginning the hoarding cleanup process is not an easy task. However, we’ve put together four simple steps to help you approach hoarding head on.

Become the Expert

The first step in addressing hoarding is becoming the expert. You may know that you or a loved one has a hoarding problem, but you may not fully understand it. In order to start the hoarding cleanup process, you have to know how it affects the way of thinking. When it comes to hoarding, there are three critical factors involved.

  • Struggling to get rid of things
  • Clutter that makes a room not useful
  • Significant impairment in social, occupation and other areas of function (health, emotional distress, family stress, housing, and financial)

Knowing the factors is the first step in handling your hoarding problem.

Get Motivated

The next step is to find the motivation to deal with hoarding. One issue most people deal with is finding the motivation. If you do not have the motivation to start the hoarding cleanup process, then you will not be able to fix it.  Try a few tips and tricks to help you become motivated. First, identify your thoughts and beliefs that get in the way. These can include the following:

  • This item may have use or importance someday
  • The problem isn’t that bad -It’s part of who I am, I cannot change
  • I have to use this item

Second, assess why you want to change your behavior. You can use a chart to determine the reasons to, and not to change. You can also rank the reasons why you are not improving. Lastly, look forward. Map out what your future holds if you take control of your hoarding. Using these steps will help you find the motivation to start the hoarding cleanup process.

Get Organized and Reprogram Your Thought Process

The final step in address hoarding is to have an organization plan. The best way to start an organization plan is to break bigger goals down into smaller goals. Having goals that are smaller are easier to tackle and don’t seem so daunting. Be sure your goals are specific and measurable. Remember to be flexible in adjusting goals as some may be bigger than you originally thought. Finally when it comes to goals in hoarding cleanup is to determine the outcome you want. In order to start organizing, you will need to change your way of thinking. You will have to tell yourself you do not need specific items anymore.

Get Help with Hoarding Cleanup

After you have addressed hoarding, you will need to start the cleaning out your house. Don’t attempt this process alone, as it is not an easy task. You should hire a company that offers hoarding cleanup. If you are in the Columbia, Jefferson City, and Central Missouri area, then call Kelley Klean. We offer specific hoarding cleanup. Clear out your home today by calling 573.561.5382 to schedule an appointment.

Mid-Missouri Hoarding Cleanup: How Professionals Can Help

Finding mid-Missouri hoarding cleanup can be tough. The only thing harder is trying to tackle a hoarding situation on your own. Whether you’re a hoarder yourself who’s finally ready to get a fresh start, or you know someone who is, finding compassionate and competent help can turn your situation around. You should hire professional cleaners. Professional cleaners work harder, faster, and without judgment.

Getting the Work Done in One Push

Many hoarders have battled their accumulated possessions for years. Contrary to popular opinion, many hoarders want to stop. The problem isn’t just deciding that they want to change, but actually dealing with the many items that pile up during a lifetime of hoarding. Hoarders often follow common advice for cleanup, but end up getting nowhere on their own.

For example, some people offer advice on cleaning that doesn’t apply to an actual hoarding situation. Many hoarders try to do a little every day. A good goal is to try to clean for twenty minutes a day. In practical terms that means a hoarder would be cleared out years from now–even if they did spend twenty minutes a day, every single day. The strain of doing that is also essential. Getting rid of items is difficult for hoarders. It puts a mental and emotional strain on them. Professionals clean the whole house in one fell swoop. A large project spans multiple days.

Health Hazards and Other Problems

Mid-Missouri hoarding cleanup involves a lot of labor. It also involves exposure to potential hazards. Piles of items can attract pests and hide growing mold. Professionals have the equipment to handle these problems as they arise. They can make sure everyone cleaning is safe, and that cleaning up any problematic messes happens quickly and easily! Even well-meaning friends and family members can’t take on this level of risk as safely.

It isn’t Their First Mid-Missouri Hoarding Cleanup

One of the challenges of hoarding is the shame that goes with it. For many people, the pain of having friends, neighbors, and even family members see the way they live is overwhelming. Professional cleaners coming in can be much easier to deal with.

First of all, this isn’t their first rodeo. Professional cleaners who handle hoarding situations have seen it all. It is their job, and nothing about it shocks them or causes them to pass judgment. The same way a cashier at the grocery store doesn’t care what you buy, from all healthy vegetables to a pile of party supplies, professional cleaners won’t judge about the job. It’s just another day at work.

Professionals can handle hoarding cleanup quickly, safely, and with less judgment. Professional cleaners tidy quickly, efficiently, and without judgment. They have the equipment to stay safe, even if cleanup unearths a health hazard. They can make this trying time easier and shorter, for you or your family.