3 Ways To Prevent Mold In Your Jefferson City Home

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Mold is incredibly dangerous in your home and can make you and your family very sick. Preventing mold is imperative to keep your family healthy and your home safe. Read on to learn all about mold prevention in Jefferson City.

Properly Ventilate Your Home For Mold Prevention

Mold grows in moist areas. Bathrooms and basements are notorious for mold growth, simply because they trap moisture. Ensure you have proper steps in place to keep the air in your home ventilating as part of your plan for mold prevention. In bathrooms, make sure you have a working exhaust fan and that it’s running during and after any showers. If you don’t have fans in your bathroom, be sure to keep a window open instead to allow steam to flow outdoors.

In your basement, you’ll want to maintain proper airflow as well. Be strategic about where you place furniture if you have a finished basement. There must be room for air to flow, and too much furniture or misplaced furniture can prevent air from moving enough. You should also utilize a fan of some kind during periods of intense moisture, such as during or after a storm. This prevents moisture from becoming trapped.

Use Mold-Resistant Products In Your Home

Whether you are building a new home or renovating one, it’s a good idea to search for mold-resistant products as part of your plan for mold prevention. You can use products like mold-resistant drywall or mold-resistant Sheetrock, and mold inhibitors for paints. While sometimes these products can be more expensive than traditional ones, it’s wise to keep in mind your cost savings overall. If you opt to use traditional products, you run the risk of mold growth. Getting mold in your drywall, for example, can be costly to remove and replace. You might as well practice mold prevention from the very beginning.

Keep Water Away From Your Home For Mold Prevention

If you can prevent as much water from getting to your home as possible, you lower your risk for mold growth. Ensure the ground around your home is sufficiently sloped away from the foundation. Water can often collect there and seep into your crawlspace or basement. Also, be sure to keep your rain gutters clean and repair them if they need it. Full or damaged rain gutters can result in water damage to your roof and cause mold to grow.

Let Kelley Klean Help You With Mold Prevention

At Kelley Klean, we want to help you prevent mold in your Jefferson City home and be proactive about keeping it safe. Contact us today to learn more about our mold prevention services.

How To Know When It’s Time To Hire A Hoarder Cleanup Crew

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Did you know that more than 3 million Americans suffer from hoarding? Hoarding is a psychological disorder that can leave homes untidy, unhealthy, and a dangerous place to be. A hoarder cleanup crew, like the one at Kelley Klean, can help you or your loved one get their home back to a livable space. How do you know when it’s time to hire a hoarder cleanup crew? Read on to learn more.

Hoarders Become Distressed With The Thought Of Parting With Items

Someone who suffers from hoarding will have a major issue at the thought of getting rid of their things. It’s one of the biggest signs they have a problem. For hoarders, their things feel like an extension of themselves. They find comfort in having these items, even if they’ll never use them.

For example, a hoarder may have old newspapers piling up in their living room but refuses to throw them out. Often just the mention of getting rid of these items can result in distress or a fight. When they have reached this point, it’s time to seek help, especially if they are starting to run out of safe space in their home. The first step is calling a discreet hoarder cleanup crew to come in.

Hoarders Don’t Allow Outsiders Into Their Home

Most often, hoarders take issue with anyone entering their home. They tend to know that their behavior is frowned upon and they don’t want to face embarrassment or ridicule, or even discuss it. If you are the family member of someone who suffers from hoarding, you may not even be fully aware of their issue. They could be in dire need of a hoarder cleanup crew and you wouldn’t even realize it.

Call A Hoarder Cleanup Crew If Someone Is In Danger

Hoarding is a dangerous habit. When someone hoards items in their home, they can create many obstacles and risks. Often the items cause a fire hazard, breed mold, or are simply dirty. Some individuals will hoard garbage. Overall, it makes the home unsafe to live in.

If the hoarder has small children or pets who are unable to fend for themselves, it’s definitely a good idea to get some help. Even if the hoarder lives alone, they are putting themselves at risk and need help getting out of it.

Hoarder Cleanup Crew In Mid-Missouri

If you live in Columbia, Jefferson City, or the central Missouri area and you want to help a hoarder, give us a call. We work closely with families to not only clean up the hoarded items but also find long-term help for the hoarder. We know how sensitive the situation can be and we want to help. Contact us today to learn more.


Grout Cleaning Your Tiles


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Grout has an irritating habit of building up dirt and grime. It can be pretty difficult to clean, but it’s essential to do so. Aside from making your space look grimy, grout that’s left dirty can cause damage to your tiles. These steps will help you with effective grout cleaning.

Wipe Down The Grout

Before you get started doing an intense clean of your grout, you want to remove any surface stains. This ensures that you eliminate any easy-to-remove dirt so when you’re ready to deep clean your grout, the solution can target the tough areas. Use hot water to wipe down the grout to remove whatever you can easily.

Create A Grout Cleaning Solution

Mixing a grout cleaning solution is simple and can be done using products you already have in your home. Mix one part vinegar with one part water in a spray bottle. Spray down the grout between your tiles and let it sit for 5-10 minutes.

After the solution has set, scrub it with a toothbrush or a small scrub brush. Avoid using anything metal as this can have an adverse effect and scratch your tiles or knock out pieces of grout. Once you’ve finished scrubbing, rinse the area with water.

A DIY Tough Grout Cleaning Solution

If the water and vinegar solution doesn’t quite do the trick, your grout is likely built up with dirt and grime that will need something a little stronger to get rid of it. To create a tougher grout cleaning solution, mix two parts baking soda with one part water. Apply the solution to the areas of grout that need special attention and allow it to sit overnight.

In the morning, scrub the solution with a toothbrush or a small scrub brush. Rinse thoroughly with hot water afterward.

Clean Your Grout Regularly

Practice proper preventative maintenance by cleaning your grout on a regular basis. When you clean it consistently, you won’t have to spend as much time cleaning it in one sitting. Plus, it will keep your grout looking cleaner and prevent your tiles from becoming damaged by buildup.

Try wiping down the grout once a week and performing a deeper clean every other week or every month.

Have Grout Damage Beyond Your Repair?

If you’re dealing with grout in your Missouri home that is severely damaged and no amount of deep cleaning will remedy it, you need a professional to do it for you. At Kelley Klean, our team can get your tiles and grout looking brand-new again. Contact us today to learn more about our grout cleaning services.

How To Care For Your Pipes When Winter Ends

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After winter is over, a sense of relief comes with not having to worry about pipes freezing. But once this brutal Missouri season is over, you’ll want to take steps to ensure your pipes remained unharmed after the brutal winter has passed. Read on to learn how you can prevent frozen pipes after winter.

Evaluate Possible Frozen Pipes

There is a possibility that your pipes have frozen without there being signs yet, or they could be on the brink of freezing. You’ll want to evaluate any potential areas where pipes became frozen and work to thaw the areas out.

To thaw out these areas, you can try a few simple tricks. Try keeping the faucets open and running water through the pipes that could be frozen. This will melt any ice in the pipe. If there is a section of frozen pipes, apply heat to the area using a blow drier or an electric heating pad.

If you find these tricks ineffective, hire a trusted professional in Missouri to come out and resolve the issue.

De-Winterize Your Home

Do you tend to travel away from Missouri and to a warmer climate during the winter months? Before you head off for the season, prepare your home for the cold weather to prevent damage while you’re gone. Once you’ve returned home, ensure you de-winterize everything.

If you’re doing the work yourself, it’s a good idea to be proactive in the de-winterizing process by making a list of what you did to winterize your home. This way, when you de-winterize everything, nothing risks being missed.

Here are a few examples of how to de-winterize your home:

  • Check which electrical circuits were shut off and turn them on
  • Turn on the main water supply
  • Double-check plumbing fixtures
  • Turn on plumbing fixtures, one at a time

Check The Exterior Of Your Home

The most important place to evaluate outside of your home is your gutters. These can easily become clogged and frozen throughout the winter. You need to ensure your gutters are clear and that the downspout will easily carry water away from the house. Clogged gutters can cause a whole slew of plumbing issues, including frozen pipes, so you want to prevent problems before they begin.

Another key place to evaluate outdoors is your exterior hose spigot faucets. Check every exterior spigot to make sure it opens and closes without leaking. Even freeze-proof faucets can leak, after all.

Let The Experts Help You With Frozen Pipes After Winter Ends

Trusted professionals like the team at Kelley Klean can help you de-winterize your home and ensure the brutal Central Missouri winter weather didn’t cause your pipes to freeze. Contact us today to learn how we can help you prevent frozen pipes.


What You Need to Know About Sewage Cleanup

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When your sewer line becomes clogged or backed up, it’s important to get the damage fixed right away. Sewer damage can result in hazardous conditions for the occupants of the home. So if you’re ready to clean up your sewage system in central Missouri, here’s what you’ll need to know.

Document The Sewer Damage

Before you do anything or hire anyone, take pictures of the damaged areas. If you do have to pay out of pocket for supplies or equipment to clean up some of the damage yourself, you’ll want to keep the receipts from those purchases. This will come in handy when you need to file an insurance claim.

Sewage Damage Is Hazardous

It’s no secret that sewer damage has a foul odor. That in itself can be difficult to deal with. But when a sewer backs up, there are also lots of potentially hazardous diseases that you and your family can be exposed to, like parasites, bacteria, and viruses.

Some of these diseases can be deadly, so if you have to have any contact with them, ensure you are wearing proper protection to reduce your exposure. Wear items such as rubber gloves and boots, coveralls, protective eyewear, and a facemask. Depending on the severity of the backup and where it’s located, it would be wise to minimize your time spent in the damaged areas. If you have children or pets, ensure they are as far away from these locations as possible.

Work Quickly And Effectively

As soon as you become aware of damage to your sewer, you will want to act fast. You don’t want to wait to get a professional out to your home or get started on cleaning up the damage. The longer the contaminated water has to sit out, the higher the chances of diseases spreading.

Be proactive by doing research before sewer damage can occur. Having a company on hand to call in a time of need will help you get the cleanup process started sooner rather than later. With sewer damage, it’s smart to not only have a company on hand to repair your sewer, but also to have a mold mitigation service in central Missouri to call. Mold can happen often during a sewer backup, so you want to have this evaluated and cleaned up as well.

Sewage Cleanup in Mid-Missouri

If you live in the Columbia, Jefferson City, or central Missouri areas, Kelley Klean can help you! With over 30 years of cleaning and restoration experience, we can repair your sewer damage and make your home safe for your family. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

4 Tips for Removing Odors

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It’s easy to become nose-blind to odors in your home if you stay inside for a while. But at some point, you’ll start to notice that certain areas have developed a rather unpleasant smell. Luckily, there’s no reason to worry because there are simple tricks you can use to get rid of the smell entirely. Take a look at these 4 tips for odor removal we recommend.

Baking Soda for Odor Removal

Did you know that baking soda is great at odor removal? It can be used in many areas of your house. For instance, you might notice that your trash can has a certain smell to it, even after you take out the trash and the liner. To help get rid of the smell, clean the interior of the trash can and then add some baking soda in between the can and the new liner you put in. This will deodorize your trash can from future odors. For carpets and mattresses that start to smell over time from use, sprinkling baking soda onto the surface and allowing them to really sink in will do wonders for the smell in your home. You only need to let it sit for about 15 minutes and then it can be vacuumed away.

Keep Bleach on Hand

Another household item that will help with odor removal is bleach.  Along with cleaning your toilet regularly, adding a half cup of bleach to your toilet bowl will help to kill bacteria and get rid of any odors. You can pour bleach down your sinks and shower drains as well. This will prevent sewage odors and any bathroom bacteria odors as well. Bleach is handy because it gets to the source of the smell instead of just masking it.

Odor Removal with Sewage Maintenance

Sewage carries an unpleasant odor. When it starts to build up in your pipes, that odor makes its way inside your home. That’s why sewage maintenance is so important. Keep an eye on your drains and the area surrounding your home. At the first sign of any damage or other issues, call a restoration company to take care of the odor removal.

Change Your Filters

Heating and cooling devices in your home accumulate a lot of dust, dirt, and other allergens out of the air. If left alone long enough, this accumulation can make your home start to smell. You should plan to change out the air filters in your home every few months for odor removal and to have better air quality. This will also help to decrease the risk of mold, which also causes an odor.

A clean home is a healthy home, and the right smells will help you to feel your home is in good shape. Doing the above will really help you keep on top of any odors. For bigger problems or smells that just won’t go away, call a restoration company to come to take a look. At Kelley Klean, we know a thing or two about cleanliness and will be there for you no matter the issue. Call us today at 573-214-0990.

Why You Need HVAC Duct Cleaning

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Did you know that an average home accumulates nearly 30 pounds of dust and other particles over a 30-year period? Think about how much of that is actually in the air you breathe inside your home! To help reduce this amount of accumulation in your home, think about HVAC duct cleaning. Many people don’t know the importance of cleaning these ducts for your health. Read on for more information on cleaning schedules and benefits.

HVAC Maintenance

To make sure your HVAC ducts run smoothly, regular maintenance is key. Cleaning the ducts on a regular basis, like every few months, allows them to run more effectively and use much less energy to pump air into your home. The importance lies within the duct lines that can become full of particles from the air. By clearing these lines, air flows much more easily.

HVAC Repairs

Sometimes HVAC ducts break or become inefficient. This can be from lack of cleaning or can happen over time. Once you have repaired your HVAC ducts, regular maintenance will prevent a malfunctioning from happening again any time soon. How do you know that your HVAC duct is acting inefficiently? Take stock of how you and your family are feeling. Have allergies flared up recently or are you getting colds a lot? Also, look at your energy bill to see if the cost has risen.

After Construction

A good time to clean your HVAC ducts is after a home is built or reconstructed. An abnormal amount of dust and other construction-related particles will be in the air after construction has finished. And you’ll be surprised by how much has already accumulated in your HVAC ducts. Before life gets busy and it gets really far down your to-do list, make HVAC duct cleaning a priority and be thankful for the clean air in your home.

Additional Services

When hiring a restoration company for HVAC duct cleaning, a good service will also offer to clean your dryer vents as well. Dryer vents require the same cleaning techniques as your HVAC system. This will prevent particles from your dryer vent from being released into the air just to end up in your HVAC ducts.

At Kelley Klean, we want your 100% satisfaction after a cleaning, repair, or other restoration services we offer. Our technicians are all IICRC certified and are available 24/7 in the case of an emergency. And yes, we will clean your dryer vents. Give us a call today with questions or to set up a visit by calling 573-214-0990.

Restoration Contractor Dos and Don’ts

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After a household disaster, it’s sometimes hard to do all of the necessary research to find the right restoration contractor for the job.  You might find yourself settling for just an okay job, or one that seems to be the cheapest. But you have to be careful with who you decide to hire. To help you out, here are some basic dos and don’ts for restoration contractors.

DO Check Credentials

Ideally, you should find a restoration contractor through a referral. Try a friend, coworker, or family member who has had work done before and can vouch for a job well done. The next best thing is to check the contractor’s credentials. Do they have a website listing their information? Are they licensed and knowledgeable with the procedure you need done? If you call their number, is customer service available for you? Do they answer your questions? Remember that you will likely be working with this company for a while, so they need to be good and easy to work with.

DON’T Assume All Contractors Are the Same

Don’t check one restoration contractor and then assume it’s the best you’re going to get. Research a few contractors and compare the differences. It’s not just about price. Contractors can be certified in different areas, specialize in certain types of jobs, and might be used to work that isn’t what you’re looking for. Likewise, don’t be discouraged if you find a dud in your research. They are one of many different companies for you to choose from.

DO Understand How to Make Payments

Once you are quoted a price, ask how it should be paid. Do they take your insurance? Does the damage even fall under insurance? You want a restoration contractor that will work with you to make payment easy. Ask if you’ll have to pay upfront or if they will take payments through your insurance. If you need to make multiple payments, you should know if they accept that as well. Each company could have a different answer.

DON’T Forgo A Contract

All work should be done under a contract. DO NOT allow a restoration contractor to get started without one. It is in both your and the contractor’s best interests to have everything in writing. It holds workers accountable to do their job and holds you responsible for payment. Insurance may not pay if there’s no contract.

Hiring a restoration contractor for your household project is a big job. The job needs to be done well, so your research needs to be thorough. Make sure you are happy with who you choose. At Kelley Klean, we are IICRC certified and available 24/7 through customer service. Whether you need basic repairs or have an emergency, we will be there for you. Call us today at 573-214-0990.

How To Clean Your Tile and Grout

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Tile cleaning is probably part of your maintenance routine in your home, but do you know how to do so properly? The tile may look clean after a general washing, but what about the grout in between tiles? It’s time to take your tile cleaning seriously and follow these steps for a more sanitized and sparkling floor.

Mop the Tile Once A Week

The part you probably do already is mopping your floors. At least once a week, use a mop or other tile cleaning device to remove the dirt, dust, and other particles that accumulate on your floor throughout the week. This will sanitize the tile itself and can also remove some of the accumulation inside the grout as well. Keeping up with weekly maintenance will also extend the life of your tile.

Check for Mold

Mold can grow in between the tile where the grouting is. Especially when you have tiled bathrooms where there is a lot of moisture from showers and perhaps a leaking toilet, you need to be careful of creating an atmosphere fit for mold. If the mold is still small enough, cleaning products and a mop should remove the mold from your tile. But large amounts of mold could mean that it has spread to other areas of your home as well. This means you need to call a restoration company to safely and properly repair the damage.

Hire a Tile Cleaning Service

Your local restoration company offers a tile cleaning service that does a much deeper clean than what you can do with your mop. Using chemical solutions and the proper tools, a restoration company can dig deep into the tile and grout to remove the dirt that is really ground into your floor. There is often a wax sealing on your tile to prevent dirt and dust accumulation, but the longer you have your tile, the more this layer will wear and tear. Professionally cleaning your tile yearly will help to diminish this process.

Replace Tile as Needed

Eventually, your tile will need to be replaced. When this happens will depend on how often you actually clean your floors yourself and when a professional gets involved. Once that wax layer is mostly gone, your tile is at risk of higher damage. Tile replacement is important for the health of your house, especially when it becomes hard to keep clean.

At Kelley Klean, we are here to help you with tile floor maintenance and repairs. We guarantee a professional cleaning job with every visit and will help you keep your floors for a long time. Give us a call today at 573-214-0990.

Commercial Contents Cleaning for Your Business

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Natural disasters in the workplace can cost a business a lot of money. Stores can be overtaken by a fire, basements flood, and mold can shut a building down. When commercial contents are damaged, this leads to a further loss of money since the inventory can’t be sold. That’s why commercial contents cleaning is so important to a business. Almost everything damaged can be cleaned and restored, saving a company time and money that would have been used to make new products.

Investigation and Inventory

At Kelley Klean, we want to save as much of your commercial contents as possible. That’s why our technicians will come on-site to investigate the damage. Everything will be inventoried, including what isn’t salvageable. We’ll make a list of what can be cleaned. After that, we’ll take photos to ensure 100% return accuracy after cleaning. Then we create another list of what cannot be salvaged. After cleaning, this list goes to your insurance company to be included as a loss. We handle all of your inventory carefully and thoroughly.

Safe Transportation to Cleaning Facility

We transport all of your inventory to a cleaning facility. We don’t clean on-site. Because of our detailed inventory, we guarantee that nothing will be lost during the transportation process. In addition, we guarantee no further damage to the items.

Restoration Process

We clean and deodorize your items to get rid of damage from smoke, fire, water, mold, and any other covered disaster. The use of special equipment means that our commercial contents cleaning is much faster than other restoration services that wash everything by hand. We have Ozone machines and ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Technicians can explain to you how these machines work and which will be best for your inventory. Our equipment is gentle and up to 75% faster than hand-washing.

Cleaned Products Back on Shelves

Finally, our technicians will return your commercial contents in great condition, putting then back where you specify. In addition, our inventory lists will help ensure accuracy and you will be able to verify what should be returned. Everything will be back in its place.

Commercial contents cleaning is the best thing you can do for your business after a big natural disaster. You’ll save so much money by not having to replace all of your inventory. Call Kelley Klean today and we’ll have one of our technicians take a look at your inventory. You can reach us at 573-214-0990.