Three Times You Should Clean Your HVAC System

HVAC system cleaning is an often overlooked part of maintaining your home. Though cleaning the ducts and changing the filters may slip your mind, it can have a huge impact on the quality of air throughout your house. There are three situations where you should clean your HVAC system. Follow these tips and the air in your house will be fresh and easier on allergy sufferers!

After a Heavy Pollen Season or Other Allergen Infestation

The first time you should clean your HVAC system is after a pollen heavy season. Spring is the most common offender. However, each area is different. Some regions also experience a lot of pollen bloom in the summer or the fall. You’ll have to consider your local seasons to determine when it makes the most sense to get your HVAC system cleaning taken care of.

Pollen enters your home through the windows, doors, and even on your hair and clothes. Once it’s in your house it enters your air system. A good filter will catch it, but it’s easy for them to get clogged after a year or more of use. That leaves the pollen in your house to just recirculate time and time again.

The same is true if you have other allergies. Pet dander can also remain in a ventilation system long after the cause has been removed from the house. If you’re still struggling to breathe properly after your sister’s cat visited three weeks ago, it’s time to get your HVAC system cleaned. It can make all the difference.

After a Fire

In the wake of a fire, there’s a lot to consider. Your HVAC system cleaning may be the least of your worries at first. If you’ve only suffered a minor fire, or once everything else has been restored, turn your attention to this issue. Your HVAC system may track unpleasant, smokey odors throughout the house. Give yourself a fresh start by changing the air filter and making sure all the smoke residue and soot is out of your ducts.

Once Yearly as Maintenance

If you don’t experience a lot of allergens or fires, it’s easy to put your HVAC system cleaning on the back burner. While these are the most dramatic causes of odor and air congestion in your home, there are others. Dust can get into your vents and lessen the “freshness” inside. This can build up slowly over time, so you rarely realize how bad it is until after you’ve had it cleaned. Getting your ducts cleaned yearly is part of a good home maintenance schedule!

HVAC system cleaning isn’t often on your radar unless there’s something wrong. Getting a yearly cleaning will reduce the creep of odor into your life. An emergency cleaning after a fire goes a long way towards making your home pleasant again. Pollen and other allergens are also great reasons to clean your HVAC!

Why Professional Cleaning is Needed for Smoke Odor Removal

Cleaning a smoker’s home is a difficult proposition, especially renovating a property that you inherited, or dealing with the fallout from a smoking tenant in a non-smoking property. It’s the kind of job you want to leave to the professionals. They have the experience to deal with smoke damage to every surface, paired with the technology to back it up. Don’t try to mask odors and end up dealing with a series of temporary owners. Instead, have smoke odor removal completed professionally. Contact a professional restoration company and destroy odor at its source.

Everything in the Home Will Be Affected

One of the man reasons to hire a professional cleaning crew to handle a smoker’s home is that it won’t be a small job. Even renovating an apartment is a huge task. The residual smoke odors seep into everything, from the paint to the drapes, to the carpet and beyond.  Months or years of smoking won’t come out of the home easily. Thankfully, a professional crew works efficiently to restore the home to its best condition in possibly years. Amateurs can’t compete over the long haul, and every smoker’s home is a long haul of smoke odor removal.

Technology is Key to Fighting Odor

There’s no amount of air freshener that can perk up the inside of a smoker’s house. Air fresheners are designed to mask odors, not eradicate them. You may not notice the smell for a while, but eventually, the smoke odor returns, always outlasting anything you put on top of it. However, professional cleaning with a restoration company works smarter, not harder. They actually perform smoke odor removal, not masking.

Modern cleaning technology allows restoration companies to tackle a foul odor at the source, right down to the molecular level. Breaking those bonds dissipates the smell, resulting in a cleaner, fresher apartment. It’s a lot better than just having the illusion of one.

Dealing with Soot and Stains

Odor is a significant problem with any smoker’s homes. Before taking care of it, it most likely holds all of your attention. However, once you handle the odor problem, other issues come into focus. Because smoke builds up over time, the property will also suffer from dinginess and stains. A professional cleaning strips that all away, making “frosted” windows shine like new. It also removes the buildup of smoke residue from walls, appliances, and carpets. A professional restoration team can assess what it would take to turn smoke damaged upholstery, furniture, and more into clean and useful pieces. In some cases, you save more money by replacing the damaged furniture.

Restoration of a smoker’s home is never easy, but not impossible. Professionals use the right technology to combat odors. They even find out what it would take to make the rest of the apartment like new, and then let you make the call to replace or restore. They’re also equipped to handle a job as challenging and complex as restoring a smoker’s home. Smoke odor removal is a challenge, but they’re up for it.